Name: Katherine Kipling

City of Residence: Sugarcreek Township, Greene County, Ohio

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Office Sought: Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Board of Education

Campaign Facebook:

Why should you be elected?

This community has been through a lot over the past two years and the current school board has not taken any steps to correct the issues facing our community. I know how to be proactive and make data driven decisions. I believe it is important to address the concerns of the community and find ways to correct items that impact our district. We need individuals on the board that will listen to the inputs from the community and staff and then work to discuss and address their concerns in an open forum. If a community member takes the time to address the board during open communication, I believe that item should be added to the agenda for that board meeting. I will work to create actual forums where the community can have a real conversation with all board members and ensure board meetings are supported with public work sessions so the community has insight into the thinking of each board member. I will be completely transparent with all of my stances and will work to make data driven policies with clear criteria for any decision that has potential health impacts on our students. A vote for me, is a vote for transparency and active communication.

What are you top three priorities?

My top three priorities include making updates to the following three board policies: Board Policy 3112 Board-Staff Communications, Board Policy 8450.01 Protective facial coverings during pandemic/epidemic events, and Board Policy 86000 Transportation. All three of these board policies are out of date and need to be updated to reflect the current climate of our district. Currently our Staff feels as though the BOE does not have their best interests in mind. We did not have a plan in place regarding when masks should be mandated during current covid-19 outbreaks and we still do not have a real plan. Many students in our community still do not have bussing, even with the passage of our 7 year emergency levy. I mean to address all three of these items at the first opportunity if I am elected to the board. I have already worked to address community concerns. I took it upon myself to circulate a petition around the community this summer to advocate for additional busing with the passage of the most recent school levy. I collected over 300 signatures in span of one month. The current school board has been slow to respond to this petition. If elected, I will find a fiscally responsible way to bring back additional busing to the community by next school year.


My name is Katherine Kipling and I am running as a write in candidate for Bellbrook-Sugarcreek School Board. My husband and I decided to build our forever home in Sugarcreek Township and settled here in 2017. We currently have two students enrolled in the district (fourth and second) with a five year old that will be starting in Bellbrook in 2022.
I am a big advocate for education. In fact, I firmly believe we should never stop learning. I am a 2003 graduate from Edgewood City Schools. I obtained a Bachelors of Science degree in Physics from Wright State University in 2007 and graduated with my Masters of Science degree in Physics from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2009. I am currently working towards my PhD in Applied Physics at AFIT and hope to graduate in roughly 5 years.

I believe in full transparency. I was a big advocate for the levy that finally passed this past Spring. Not because I love taxes, but because I want my kids to benefit from the quality education that previous generations in the community have also benefited from. When you tell someone that your child graduated from Bellbrook High School that means something and I want to ensure it continues to mean something.

I pride myself in being able to see the big picture and I work to ensure all sides have a voice. Majority rules but minority rights. I work to find the compromise in difficult situations because all sides deserved to be heard. I worked tirelessly to circulate a busing petition throughout the community this summer and I have been working with the school board to ensure we bring back this service to those students that live in non walkable areas of the community. I have spoken at several school board meetings regarding busing and have shown that I will fight for the community interests.

I believe that any form of government should be representative of all view points within the community. The current make up of the board does not reflect the views of the entire Bellbrook Sugarcreek Community. Whether I agree with your stance or not, I will do more than just hear your concerns. I will actively listen, and work to understand your point of view. All I request is you show me the same courtesy.

If elected, I will work towards increased transparency for both fiscal and policy decisions. I will push the school administration to be proactive instead of the same old reactive cycle we have been stuck in for far too long. I think it is time to make sweeping changes with our school board. I hope I can earn your vote.