DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Holiday travel is still heavily being impacted as we approach the new year. 

Many people have been stuck at their destinations for days, and some with no end in sight and with a higher number of travelers for the holiday season, higher flight volumes were to be expected. 

“Holiday weekends, holiday travel, it’s going to be crowded. we knew that,” Kara Hitchens, the Public Affairs Officer for AAA told us.

and airports are indeed crowded, full of people waiting for updates about their flight status…

 Experts say you’ll need to be prepared to wait, as the huge winter blast has created a lingering effect on the amount of flight that airlines can offer.

“A rolling effect, pretty much because of the weather, and the weather just kind of makes staffing issues trying,” Hitchens also told us.

Southwest Airlines has been heavily affected, canceling nearly 2800 flights…. sparking an investigation from the U.S. Department of transportation. Southwest says staffing issues are driving their spike in cancellations.

Southwest does not fly out of the Dayton International Airport… making it one of the airports not as affected, likely due to its size. travel agent les winters says that those affected should take advantage of the services offered if their flights are canceled… 

“A lot of them are offering great travel vouchers to fly with them another time, or book another day and they’ll give you discounts and stuff on those flights or potentially free vouchers,” Les Winters, a local travel agent told us.

In addition to vouchers and discounts, passengers’ patience with airline crews as they work hard to get people to their destinations is another way to help alleviate the stress.

“A lot of that is just patience. just have patience all the way through. the more you argue and fight with them, the less cooperative they might be with you as well,” he told us. 

The flight tracking software –Flight Aware shows 87% of U.S. flight cancellations are Southwest.

The airline warns that cancellations will continue until it gets back on track.