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CLEVELAND (WJW) – It’s a decision every Browns fan is waiting to hear. Will Cleveland Browns Quarterback Deshaun Watson be suspended by the NFL, and if he is, for how long?

The answers to those questions could come very soon.

Watson’s disciplinary hearing ended June 30. Post-hearing written arguments were given to the hearing officer, former Federal Judge Sue L. Robinson, on July 12.

Robinson, who presided over the three-day hearing, is expected to make a decision soon. Some sources have said to expect a decision around July 24.

And many are hopeful that a decision will come before the Browns start training camp July 27.

Robinson will decide if Watson violated the league’s personal conduct policy and if he should be punished.

Twenty-four women sued Watson claiming sexual misconduct during massage sessions. Watson settled 20 of the 24 lawsuits last month. Details of the settlements are confidential.

About half of the women who filed lawsuits spoke to league investigators. Watson also spent several days talking to NFL investigators.

Watson and his attorneys have said he cooperated fully with investigators. Watson has maintained the allegations made against him were false.

He faces no criminal charges.

Ten women filed criminal reports against him. Nine of the cases were presented to a Harris County Grand Jury. One case was presented to a grand jury in Brazoria County. Both grand juries declined to indict Watson on any criminal charges.