DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Some West Dayton residents are upset their neighborhood isn’t seeing as much development as downtown.

Zakiya Sankara-Jabar has lived in the north-west part of Dayton for about 20 years. She and her husband are raising a 9-and 2-year-old in the area.

“We have to drive long ways to go to a decent restaurant for dinner. It’s not in the Dayton, usually in another township or Vandalia,” said Sankara-Jabar.

2 NEWS reporter Maytal Levi sat down with Shelley Dickstein, Dayton City Manager who says she understands the concerns, but the city doesn’t have control over developers.

“We do not drive investment to downtown. We don’t tell developers where to invest. They go where they have an opportunity to get a return on their investment,” said Dickstein.

Sankara-Jabar says she disagrees.

“I do think they absolutely can control where developers want to develop by making a community and a city desirable to develop and they have done a great job of making downtown attractive for developers we can’t say the same for west Dayton,” said Sankara-Jabar.

“We know because of the demographics of west Dayton we are going to have to drive development differently because people aren’t knocking down our doors to develop,” said Dickstein.

A West Dayton Development Fund (WDDF) was established in 1996 to provide services to the community. 2 NEWS requested a detailed report of how much money has been spent. To date, $10,351,837 has been spent in areas including youth, retail and housing developments.

“I’ve heard that figure and it’s really tough to see when you drive down Gettysburg or West Third Street. There are dilapidated homes or boarded up homes,” said Sankara-Jabar.

Overall, there have been 105 projects funded. Since 2005, $2.5 million was invested and leveraged $36 million in private investment, according to city officials.

Dickstein says development downtown doesn’t only benefit the city center, but the entire metro area.

“Downtown provides 40-percent of our total income tax revenue. The better downtown does, the more funding the city has to provide services and other investments across the city,” she said.

The city says it is putting together an aggressive plan to help boost the west-side. Dickstein says she’s personally leading it. “People don’t believe it if they can’t see it, or touch it and so I’m looking for something that brings that hope back,” she said.UPDATE:

Weeks after 2 NEWS reported about the West Dayton Development Fund, Sankara-Jabar says she met with Mayor Nan Whaley to discuss her concerns.

She says no promises were made, but the mayor said she would continue to work on ways to improve Sankara-Jabar’s neighborhood.

We reached out to the city for comment, we were told the best way to make your voice heard is by coming to city commission meeting on Wednesday mornings.

As of June 1, there was $510, 576 in the fund. Below is a detailed report of where money has been spent since the fund’s inception:

Project YearWDDF AmountTotal InvestmentType of ProjectUse of Funds
Arlington Community Center$ 1,762.00$ 1,762.00Comm DevYouth
Dayton Urban League$ 325,000.00$ 464,285.00Comm DevYouth
*Delta Sigma Theta$ 2,500.00$ 2,500.00Comm DevYouth
*Ecumenical CDC$ 100,000.00$ 200,000.00Comm DevHousing
Edgemont Neighborhood Coaltion$ 100,000.00$ 100,000.00Comm DevNeigh. Devel.
West Area YMCA$ 100,000.00$ 100,000.00Comm DevNeigh. Devel.
Just for You Laundromat$ 80,000.00$ 50,000.00Econ DevNew Cons
Your Place Night Club$ 1,600.00$ 1,600.00Econ DevRetail
*Alpha Kappa Alpha$ 37,500.00$ 37,500.00Comm DevYouth
*Campfire Boys and Girls$ 67,000.00$ 67,000.00Comm DevYouth
*Concerned Christian Men$ 75,000.00$ 75,000.00Comm DevYouth
DMHA/Melissa Bess$ 61,000.00$ 141,860.00Comm DevHousing/Educ Prog
Domestic Action Program$ 6,000.00$ 6,000.00Comm DevYouth
Links: Mercy Manor$ 112,450.00$ 300,000.00Comm DevNeigh. Devel.
Midnight Basketball$ 15,000.00$ 15,000.00Comm DevYouth
*Nehemiah NDC$ 100,000.00$ 243,902.00Comm DevHousing
New Choices$ 100,000.00Comm DevYouth
*Zion Church$ 350,000.00$ 350,000.00Comm DevNeigh. Devel.
Advanced Assembly$ 400,000.00$ 2,300,000.00Econ DevManufac.
*First Step Infant and Childhood$ 58,500.00$ 200,000.00Econ DevService
National Minority Business League$ 300,000.00$ 417,064.00Econ DevBusiness Dev.
*The Beauty Clinic$ 14,458.00$ 57,832.00Econ DevRetail
*Vinique Beauty and Nail$ 27,500.00$ 68,000.00Econ DevRetail
*WDAO Radio Station$ 75,000.00$ 225,000.00Econ DevService
*Your Bakery$ 50,000.00$ 50,000.00Econ DevRetail
Bella Vista Estates$ 180,000.00$ 1,800,000.00Comm DevHousing
Dakota Center$ 50,000.00$ 50,000.00Comm DevYouth/Educ Prog
Dayton Airmen$ 35,000.00$ 35,000.00Comm DevYouth
MultiCultural Supporters$ 154,434.00$ 250,000.00Comm DevNeigh. Devel.
*Urban League/MLK Development$ 270,000.00$ 386,800.00Comm DevJob Training/Childcare
West Dayton Neighbors for Education$ 180,000.00$ 180,000.00Comm DevYouth
*Westwood Boxing$ 1,400.00$ 1,400.00Comm DevYouth
*Heard Management$ 5,500.00$ 5,500.00Econ DevService
*Wright Technology Network$ 35,000.00$ 100,000.00Econ DevService
*Your Ideas Corp.$ 50,000.00$ 103,487.00Econ DevRetail
*Hot Daddy’s Vending and Mobil$ 18,275.00$ 78,215.00Econ DevRetail
Innerwest CDC/Duncan Oil$ 110,000.00$ 1,685,323.00Econ DevRetail
*Mr. Hero Restaurant$ 210,000.00$ 600,000.00Econ DevRetail
*Scor-Mor-Lanes$ 127,065.00$ 300,000.00Econ DevRetail
*Small World Daycare$ 116,239.00$ 400,000.00Econ DevService
*S.W. Distinguished$ 60,000.00Econ DevService
*DCDC$ 20,000.00$ 60,000.00Comm DevYouth
Ecumenical Neighborhood CDC$ 230,000.00$ 547,619.00Comm DevHousing
BBP Communications$ 50,000.00$ 116,625.00Econ DevService – Marketing
*Papa John’s Pizza$ 150,000.00$ 750,000.00Econ DevRetail
Dura-Crete, Incorporated$ 32,942.00$ 80,000.00Econ DevManufac.
*Heard Management$ 16,200.00$ 16,200.00Econ DevService
*Guardian Angel Adult Daycare$ 95,000.00$ 187,000.00Econ DevAdult/Senior Day Care
Labor Solutions$ 15,000.00$ 15,000.00Econ DevWorkforce Dev
*RUT’s, Incorporated$ 150,000.00$ 500,000.00Econ DevProperty Improvements
*Unique 7 Yard Greetings, Inc.$ 14,000.00$ 56,000.00Econ DevRetail
*Willis “Bing” Davis Studio and Gallery$ 46,300.00$ 77,166.00Econ DevBldg Upgrades
*Wright Technology Network$ 20,000.00$ 160,000.00Econ DevService
AIDS Foundation Miami Valley$ 150,000.00$ 150,000.00Comm DevAIDS Educ/Awareness
ISUS$ 500,000.00$ 1,359,227.00Comm DevHousing
Edgemont Neighborhood Coaltion$ 25,000.00$ 25,000.00Comm DevYouth Dev
Habitat for Humanity$ 69,000.00$ 138,000.00Comm DevEmer. Housing Repairs
MLK Development Coalition$ 85,000.00$ 85,000.00Comm DevNeigh. Devel.
*McClendon Institute for Learning$ 35,000.00$ 35,000.00Comm DevYouth/Summer Prog
Mercy Manor$ 75,300.00$ 163,000.00Comm DevNeigh. Devel.
*Huffie’s Bar-B-Que$ 143,750.00$ 240,217.00Econ DevRetail
CityWide/W. Third St.$ 515,000.00$ 1,250,000.00Econ DevRetail
*Willis “Bing” Davis Studio and Gallery$ 85,550.00$ 183,253.00Econ DevBldg Upgr/Marketing
Miami Valley Fair Housing$ 100,000.00$ 225,000.00Comm DevNeigh. Devel.
Rebuild Together Dayton$ 10,000.00$ 100,000.00Comm DevHousing
Wright- Dunbar Ph. 3$ 350,000.00$ 857,000.00Comm DevHousing
West Dayton Education$ 45,000.00$ 59,200.00Comm DevYouth
CityWide/W. Third St.$ 585,000.00$ 2,500,000.00Econ DevRetail/Service
Grandview/Hopeland Clinic$ 100,000.00$ 300,000.00Econ DevAdmin – Clinic
Grandview/Hopeland Clinic$ 100,000.00$ 300,000.00Comm DevAdmin – Clinic
Reynolds & Reyolds$ 55,900.00$ 218,000.00Comm DevAbsestos Remediation
*Ware Banquet Center$ 80,000.00$ 763,000.00Econ DevAcquistion/Bldg Upgr
Dayton Fund for Home Rehabilitation$ 50,000.00$ 450,000.00Comm DevLow Inc Housing Repairs
Rebuilding Together Dayton$ 120,000.00$ 480,000.00Comm DevSr. Housing Repair
*First Dayton Little League$ 5,000.00$ 10,000.00Comm DevRepairs to Ballpark
*Street Soujahz$ 15,000.00$ 15,000.00Comm DevCommunity Engagement
Madden Hills Housing$ 45,000.00$ 200,000.00Comm DevHousing Dev
*Urban League$ 50,000.00$ 200,000.00Comm DevYouth Workforce Training
Dayton Foundation$ 25,000.00$ 25,000.00Comm DevMkt – Police & Fire Recruit
Dayton Fund for Home Rehab$ 100,000.00$ 325,000.00Comm DevLow Inc Housing Repairs
City of Dayton – Water Dept$ 63,400.00$ 63,400.00Comm DevWater Infras Upgr
Mercy Manor$ 92,092.00$ 400,000.00Comm DevBldg Upgr
Wright Dunbar, Inc.$ 70,000.00$ 850,000.00Comm DevBldg Upgr
Miami Valley Construction$ 66,625.00$ 199,875.00Comm DevWorkforce Dev/Training
Mary Scott Nursing Home$ 150,000.00$ 600,000.00Econ DevBldg Updr/M&E
University of Dayton$ 3,000.00$ 3,000.00Econ DevMkt Analysis Study
*Harrison Township Cemetery$ 5,378.00$ 5,378.00CommissionM&E
Rebuilding Together Dayton$ 35,000.00$ 106,060.00Comm DevSr. Housing Repair
Wright Dunbar, Inc.$ 50,000.00$ 151,515.00Comm DevBldg Upgr
*Small World Daycare$ 100,000.00$ 1,200,000.00Econ DevNew Const
*Boys & Girls Club$ 14,960.00$ 14,960.00Comm DevYouth Dev
American Heat Treating$ 35,000.00$ 1,100,000.00Econ DevAcquistion/Bldg Upgr
Germantown Produce$ 18,857.00$ 73,200.00Econ DevBldg Upgr
*Loritts-Neilson$ 100,000.00$ 300,000.00Econ DevFaçade/Bldg Upgr
*Renee’s Gourmet Creations$ 20,400.00$ 81,600.00Econ DevBldg Upgr/Fixtures
RW Armstrong, Inc. (West Dayton Study)$ 105,000.00$ 105,000.00Comm DevArea Wide Assessment
Sugar Creek Packing Company$ 150,000.00$ 1,200,000.00Econ DevProperty Upgr
*Sweet Dots Bakery & Café$ 25,000.00$ 50,000.00Econ DevBldg Upgr/M&E
CItyWide (WDI)$ 180,000.00$ 180,000.00Comm DevProfessional Services
*Emmie’s Place$ 40,000.00$ 80,000.00Econ DevBldg Upgr/M&E/Inv
Malt Products$ 50,000.00$ 23,000,000.00Econ DevNew Constr
Rebuilding Together Dayton$ 50,000.00$ 200,000.00Comm DevSr. Housing Repairs
Home Avenue Redevelopment$ 300,000.00$ 4,200,000.00Comm DevBrownfield Redev
*DCDC$ 80,000.00$ 435,461.00Comm DevBldg Upgr
*Mirrah Image Beauty & Wellness Salon$ 25,000.00$ 110,000.00Econ DevBldg Upgr
*minority businesses/organizations