BEAVERCREEK, Ohio (WDTN) — A fun-filled weekend full of music has returned for the 22nd year to Greene County.

Thirty middle and high school jazz bands and combinations from across the state of Ohio has returned for the twenty second annual “Weekend of Jazz” music festival in Beavercreek. The focus of the weekend is to educate, learn about the vast career opportunities in music and “where the future of jazz meet the legends of jazz”.

One of the directors for the Beavercreek band believes the true beauty of music is that it connects to different people.

“It adds connection, it is the big thing. Not only are they connecting with what they learned in their concert band and applying those concepts into jazz bands, but they are making connections in the music they listen to, and connecting with other artists,” Community School, Beginning Band Director Luke Grieshop said.

In the master classes, Sherrie Maricle, founder and director of the Diva Jazz Orchestra, is kicking off the 30th anniversary tour by offering to teach a few classes in Greene County. Maricle emphasized that music has the ability to teach you life lessons and through music, you are able to find your voice.

“Music is a challenging field, especially when you’re freelancing. The number one tip is to learn your craft right,” Maricle said. “There’s no short cut to practicing. Whatever you’re doing, make sure you have your own creativity and originality in everything you present, because that’s what the world needs – everyone’s individual voice being heard.”

The Diva Jazz Orchestra is scheduled to make a performance live starting Saturday at 8 p.m.