WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WDTN) — Lori Selesky did not think anything of it when she dropped off her mail in a Washington Township USPS collection box.

“I dropped off two bills and six Etsy packages off to the blue mail box outside the Washington Township post office about April 14th,” Selesky explained.

Then earlier this week, she received a fraud alert from her bank, notifying her someone tried to cash a 13 thousand dollar check in her name, and that was not the end of it.

“So the next morning I woke up to another $2,500 check posting to my account,” Selesky said.

Selesky said the checks were photoshopped and the dollar amounts were changed.

“One check was completely fraudulent and made up. The second check was I guess what they call washed where it was still my husband’s signature and it was the actual check, and they changed the payee and the actual amount,” Selesky said.

Selesky immediately called police.

“Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office came out and took a police report from me. They stated that I was the second report of the day,” Selesky explained.

2 News confirmed the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office received 26 reports of theft from that same collection box location. They have now turned those reports over to USPS to be investigated as a federal crime.

USPS decline 2 News’ request for an interview and did answer any questions. A spokesperson did confirm USPS is investigation the robbery of a postal worker in Washington Township on April 26th; however, there is no word right now on whether this could be connected.

As for Selesky, she is frustrated and wants answers.

“If it has been going on for months, what are they doing to stop it because it seems like they are just letting it happen,” Selesky said.

On top of her full-time job, she also runs an Etsy store. She just wants to know both sources of income will be safe.

“No one should have to go through this. And we’re hard working people doing what we need to do to pay our bills, and I was simply paying a bill, and it turned into being a victim of a crime,” Selesky said.

She is hoping she can stop other people from losing time and money like she did.

“At Etsy it’s a homemade kind of thing, so there is no one to get this product back from, no one to reimburse you for the product or the time. Thank goodness I have really great customers and they understood,” Selesky said.

USPS did provide some preventative tips for customers. They said people should make sure to drop off their mail in the boxes before the last pick-up time for the day. They also suggest going inside to hand in your mail.