HOUSTON, TX (WCMH) — Recently released video shows a man assaulting a police officer while not wearing any clothes.

It happened at a train stop in Houston, Texas back in early June.

Video shows the naked man, identified as Keith Dean, 49, standing at the train stop completely naked holding a pesticide sprayer he’d stolen from a groundskeeping crew. Two HPD officers responded to the scene and are heard ordering him to put the sprayer down, KTRK-TV reports.

Witnesses say Dean began spraying the pesticide at officers. When one officer tried to grab the sprayer, Dean slapped the officer in the face.

The officer then quickly stunned Dean with a Taser twice, sending him to the ground.

Witnesses tell NBC affiliate KPRC-TV the officer and his partner showed restraint, choosing to use the Taser instead of a gun.

“He didn’t escalate it. He could have escalated it into something worse than just a Taser. And that’s a good thing for everyone else to see how it should be handled,” said Benjamin Marquina, who recorded the incident on his cell phone.

The incident ended with no injuries.

Police said Dean told the officers he had smoked marijuana, but an HPD spokesperson said that doesn’t necessarily explain his mental state or his actions. The department released a statement praising the officers.

“We commend these two officers for their actions in bringing a volatile situation to a safe conclusion. The male clearly struck our officer, who in turn used sound judgement in holding his composure and gaining control of the scene…thanks to assistance from his partner,” said Executive Assistant Chief Troy Finner.

Dean faces two counts of bodily injury to a peace officer. He is currently in jail.