DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A group of Wright State Army ROTC cadets are honoring our fallen veterans, scrubbing headstones at the Dayton VA National Cemetery.  

“These veterans that are buried here, they gave the last full measure of devotion,” says Cadet Michael Duzzny. “It’s the least that we can do for them and their families.”

Taking a knee on the grounds of those who’ve gone before them, they’re serving those who’ve served our country.

“It really puts into context what me and my peers are about to go through,” states Cadet Amani Wilson.

Twenty Wright State University ROTC cadets performed the simple act of service, scrubbing headstones of heroes.

“As we’re scrubbing them, we try to look at each name. We see where they served,” says Cadet Duzzny. “It’s always interesting to see where they’re from, what units they served in and making sure we get each of their names. We saw one with the Medal of Honor and it’s kind of spectacular to see.”

Cadet Elijah Lynch was the one who started the project.

“I’m so proud I set this event up,” states Cadet Elijah Lynch.

Wright State’s ROTC cadets started doing this in March of 2022. They came out for a second time to pay tribute to those who’ve served and are hoping to make it a tradition.

“It’s just eye-opening to see the people who’ve paved the way before me and I’m standing on their shoulders,” says Cadet Claire Lynch, who is the project officer. “It’s really important to me to pay tribute to them and make sure we’re not forgetting them.”

“You always leave somewhere better than how you found it,” says Cadet Claire Lynch.

That was the goal of the cadets because that’s also what our veterans did, making our country what it is today.