DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Leadership, team work and discipline are a few of the life skills young marine are taught everyday, and putting them into practice helped them raise thousands of dollars.

Those Young Marines made it their mission to help complete a veterans monument in Miami County.

“The Miami Valley Young Marines have been extremely successful in getting community support,” said Ray Girard, public relations officer for the Miami Valley Young Marines.

In September, as part of their community service project, the group hosted a drill competition. Young Marines from Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and West Virginia traveled to the Miami Valley to be the last one standing.

Girard describes it as a military-style game of “Simon Says.”

“One example, being present arms, order arms,” explained Girard. “So if somebody gives you the command present arms and then parade rest — that’s not the right sequence. But if they go to parade rest, they’re knocked out.”

The competition attracted some of the top talent from across the Midwest, and also some of the top brass from around the country — including the deputy director of the National Young Marines who traveled from Washington D.C.

The entry fee was $5 per person. With that, the Young Marines raised $3000 to help complete the West Milton Veterans Memorial.

“Well the format of the veterans memorial is a stone wall, and it covers from left to right a specific marble attachments if you will or blocks, that show a picture of the war,” explained Girard.

The monument in West Milton Municipal Park will honor contributions made during the Revolutionary War through the Vietnam War. The Young Marines are still planning a formal presentation but in the meantime — the success of the fundraiser is matched by their success in the competition.

“They were pretty excited to get that blue ribbon and gold medal around their neck,” said Girard.