SUGARCREEK TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WDTN) — A charred structure is all that remains of a more than $600,000 dollar home on Willow Creek Circle after flames roared through Sunday night.

Monday, investigators scoured through the damage and debris to try and figure out what sparked the fire.

“We know about where we are going to start; now we need to find out what was in there that could have done this,” stated Sugarcreek Township Fire Chief Randy Pavlak.

Fire officials believe the flames started in the garage before spreading to the attic. Four cars were parked inside the garage, adding an extra challenge for firefighters.

“You take that, and you take 12 to 19 mile an hour winds that were reported last night and you get a pretty quick moving fire,” said Chief Pavlak.

While the vehicles were charred to their frames, the homeowner said his mind was set on just getting out of the home. He, his wife, three children and pets all made it out of the home safely, thanks in part to some alert neighbors and calls to 911.

Fire officials said although the family’s house and possessions are a total loss, they did the right thing.

“Getting out of the house is the most important part, and talking with the homeowner, he says ‘all we did is get out’ and that’s the right thing to do. If there’s a fire people need to get out,” said Chief Pavlak.

Fire officials said it could take two to three days to sift through the damage. After that, they will be able to determine a cause.