(NewsNation) — Former Vice President Mike Pence’s dining habits sparked headlines in 2017, after one of his comments during a 2002 interview was unearthed during his first year in the role.

That comment? Pence said he would not dine privately with any women other than his wife Karen, or even attend events with alcohol without her. 

“I remember I said, ‘Well, I promised her that I wouldn’t dine alone with a woman that’s not my wife.’ It wasn’t very controversial until after I became vice president,” Pence told NewsNation host Leland Vittert during a town hall appearance on Wednesday night.

After Pence said he would consider having a woman as a running mate, Vittert asked again about Pence and his potential VP’s dining arrangements, should he win the nomination.

“How would that work out if you had a female vice president?” Vittert asked.

“That’s a very clever question, it really is,” Pence responded. “Let me say, it’s a promise my wife and I made to one another.”

While he did not signal any modifications to that promise, Pence said he would continue to put his family first throughout his political career.

There’s “no greater blessing in my life other than my faith in Jesus Christ than the marriage that I have with this incredible woman and the blessings of our family,” he told Vittert. “I’ll always put them first, whatever it means and whatever criticism comes.”

As far as finding a running mate, Pence said he’s looking for someone who agrees with his core values.

“We’re going to find that person who is the best qualified, the best prepared and the most committed to the agenda we feel called to advance,” Pence said.

Aside from his dining habits, Pence was questioned on the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as his thoughts on gender-affirming care.

Pence, meanwhile, has struggled to gain traction with voters. As of Thursday, the former vice president is currently polling at just under 5%, according to RealClearPolitics averages. That puts him well below Donald Trump (at 56% as of Thursday), Ron DeSantis (13%), Vivek Ramaswamy (6.6%) and Nikki Haley (5.8%).