DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — New teen drivers are eager to gain freedom and independence that driving offers. When it comes to driving, distractions are about everywhere we look. 

National Teen Driver Safety Week addresses a variety of safety issues. Distracted driving is just one of the more common ones, particularly because of cell phones.

“Limit those distractions,” said Abbey Pettiford, injury prevention coordinator at Dayton Children’s. “I think that’s the big one, especially when you’re learning to drive limit distractions. It’s not just the balance, it’s food, it’s other people in the car. So limiting all those distractions that happen while driving and then practice.”

Many initiatives are already taking place in educating and helping teens become responsible drivers. Safe driving apps like Life 360, and Safe to Drive are becoming more popular.

“Students are the new drivers know that they’re being watched, they’ll drive a little safer and there’s quite a few of them out there,” Pat Brown, driving school instructor, AAA said. “The parents can then track what their students are doing and how fast you’re driving as they’re driving safely and and things like that.”

During National Teen Driver Safety Week, the awareness invites law enforcement, schools, advocates, parental involvement and other support systems in having conversations about the important rules in staying safe behind the wheel.  

“I think it’s extremely important for parents to set that example and have these conversations,” said Pettiford. “You don’t know what you don’t know, and teens may not know these things. So having these conversations start at home.”

Ohio’s distracted driving law went into effect on Oct. 5. If you are caught with any mobile device in your hands while driving, you may end up receiving a ticket.