SUNRISE BEACH, Texas (KXAN) — As the heavy rain winds down for the week, the search for what people lost in the floods is well underway on social media. 

Shannon Prothro started a Facebook page this week called Highland Lakes Flood 2018 Lost & Foundso that flood victims might eventually reunite with any boats, docks, furniture or other belongings that floated away in the floodwaters. 

“I thought if we could just connect a few people’s things that have been found to those people that lost them, that would be wonderful,” Prothro said.

On Friday she witnessed the first success story when a user recognized a picture of her boat that someone else had found. 

“It’s just a boat, but it’s still somebody’s boat,” Prothro said. “They’ll be glad to have that back.” 

A family who owns a riverfront property in Sunrise Beach in Llano County shared pictures on the Facebook page of three boats that the floodwaters somehow dumped in their backyard. They said other users helped locate and identify the owners of two boats. 

Nearby Linda Chavez recognized her neighbor’s speedboat after it washed into her yard. However, she had no clue who owned a pontoon that the water pushed up behind her lakehouse. Fortunately, though, the owner drove by Friday and spotted it. 

“They also lost jet skis that they were still looking for,” Chavez said about the pontoon’s owner. “We’ve had several people stop and ask if we’ve seen any jet skis floating around.” 

It may be impossible for some people to ever find their belongings, but Prothro plans to keep doing her part on social media to help with the search. 

“I’m happy to do a little, tiny part,” she said, “so hopefully some people will find their things.”

If people happen to find someone’s boat on their property, Texas Parks & Wildlife suggests looking for the TX number on the side. They can then go online, put in that number and see if they can pull up the owner’s information. 

Found boats can also be reported to the Boat Registration office by calling either 512-389-4828 or the toll-free number at 1-800-262-8755.