ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) — Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is now the subject of a misdemeanor complaint for a sex crime.

A spokesperson for the New York State Courts confirmed to Nexstar’s WTEN:

“A Misdemeanor Complaint against former Governor Andrew Cuomo has been filed in Albany City Court. As this is a sex crime, a redacted complaint will be available shortly.”

Lucian chalfen

Nexstar’s WTEN reached out to the Albany District Attorney’s Office and Sheriff’s Department to see if a final decision has been made on whether to file criminal charges, but the request for comment wasn’t answered before publishing time.

A copy of the complaint, filed by an Albany County Sheriff’s Department investigator, alleges that the former governor “did intentionally, and for no legitimate purpose, forcibly place his hand under the blouse shirt of the victim” and “onto her intimate body part.”

While the complaint filed Monday detailed an incident that allegedly happened on December 7, the accusation detailed in the attorney general’s report is dated to sometime after November 16. “Executive Assistant #1 did not remember the exact date of the incident,” the report says, “but recalled that it was around when she was tasked with photographing a document and provided a copy of the photograph to us that was dated November 16, 2020.”

The unnamed woman accused Cuomo of touching her “left breast for the purposes of degrading and gratifying his sexual desires, all contrary to the provisions of the statute in such case made and provided.”

The embattled former governor is under investigation after the office of New York Attorney General Letitia James released a bombshell report in August that found Cuomo sexually harassed at least 11 women.

James on Wednesday dismissed Cuomo’s repeated complaints that the sexual harassment investigation that led to his resignation was tainted by politics, saying the Democrat has “never taken responsibility for his own conduct.”

James, speaking to a civic group in New York City, defended the 165-page report.

“Mr. Cuomo has a lot to say on these matters, but he’s never taken responsibility for his own conduct. He’s never held himself accountable for how his behavior affected our state government,” said James, also a Democrat.

Cuomo emphatically denied intentionally mistreating women. He said he was stepping aside to avoid subjecting the state to months of turmoil. Since announcing his resignation, he has promoted opinion columns on social media that question the independence of the investigation and suggest his ouster was an orchestrated, political bludgeoning.

“This was politics. Every step of the way,” he said in a tweet last week.

The five-month, noncriminal investigation by James’ office concluded that 11 women within and outside the state government were telling the truth when they said Cuomo had touched them inappropriately, commented on their appearance or made suggestive comments about their sex lives. The report also detailed efforts by his staff to discredit some of his accusers.

“Let’s not lose sight of what’s important,” James said. “It’s not me. It’s not Mr. Cuomo, but the survivors of his harassment. The people of our state whose trust he broke. And the people who believed in him, including myself. No one is above the law. And our state can do better moving forward.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report; this is a developing story.