MONETTE, Ark. — One person was killed and at least five hurt after a nursing home was destroyed Friday night during a tornado event in Monette, Arkansas, according to information from local officials.

Twenty or more people were trapped inside the nursing home when the damage occurred, a Craighead County judge said. Survivors are being taken to a nearby church to be reunited with family members.

“It looks like it’s pretty much destroyed,” Craighead County Judge Marvin Day said of the building. “… It happens quick but apparently there was a little bit of time with tornado sirens going off.” Some residents were found in the basement “and were prepared for this,” he said.

The roof of the nursing home was ripped off. Other buildings in town also suffered damage, police say, and Day said another nursing home about 20 miles away was badly damaged, forcing residents to evacuate the now unsafe building. No injuries were reported

Officials are asking for anyone with medical training to come to the scene, but asking anyone else to please stay away.

Tornado Warnings were issued Friday night for multiple counties across northeastern Arkansas, northwest Tennessee and southeast Missouri.

This is a breaking news situation and will be updated. This article was written with contributions from The Associated Press