DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Twenty-six years ago, Princess Diana was killed.

Diana, the Princess of Wales, was born on July 1, 1961. She went on to marry the Prince of Wales on July 29, 1981, who is now King Charles III. They had two children, Princes Harry and William.

Princess Diana had many accomplishments during her lifetime as Princess of Wales. She worked within the community to try and make it a better place for everyone, no matter who they were.

“During her marriage, the Princess was president or patron of over 100 charities,” the Royal website said. “The Princess did much to publicise work on behalf of homeless and also disabled people, children and people with HIV/Aids.”

The Princess traveled and worked with different organizations, like the the Leprosy Mission. Diana had been a voice for the discontinuation of land mines.

According to the Royal website, Diana was killed during a vehicle crash in Paris.

“The vehicle in which The Princess was travelling was involved in a high-speed accident in the Place de l’Alma underpass in central Paris shortly before midnight on Saturday 30 August.”

It is reported that she was taken to a hospital for emergency surgery. Princess Diana was later pronounced dead.

If Diana was still alive today, she would be 62-years-old.