TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The chief meteorologist of a local news station in Arkansas sparked a fiery debate after posting what he believes to be the “right” way to use the divider at the grocery store checkout line.

In a Facebook post that has since received over 20,000 reactions, KAIT Chief Meteorologist Ryan Vaughan said the “right” way to use the grocery divider is actually to put it “long ways.”

“I’m at the store tonight and noticed some of you don’t know how to use the divider,” Vaughan said in the post. “You need to put it long ways to trip the sensor and keep a distance. Some of y’all use it as a privacy fence.”

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Users were quick to take to the comments section and criticize the local news personality.

“I’ve literally never seen it used this way… ” one user wrote.

“I didn’t know grocery items need social distancing too,” another user joked.

Many pointed to the fact that the divider is just long enough to stretch across the conveyor belt, but not so long that it touches both sides.

“Actually no,” one user said, “which is why it fits perfectly sideways not longways.”

No matter what you believe to be the correct way, Vaughan admitted, “It doesn’t take much to fire up the world.”