BRECKENRIDGE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – One person was killed following a massive bee attack in Stephens County, Texas, on Friday, according to the Breckenridge Fire Department.

The person was severely stung before going into cardiac arrest, the fire department said. The victim was not immediately identified.

Fire officials said the attack happened at a home on Water District Road 214 on Monday afternoon. Emergency crews arrived to find “very aggressive bee activity.”

Medics and firefighters entered the home through a swarm of bees and started emergency treatment of the person stung.

According to the department, one firefighter removed their protective gear and dressed a woman inside the home with that gear, while another firefighter led her outside to the Fire Chief’s truck.

“AMR did everything they could to make this a positive outcome but multiple issues turned this into a tragedy with one person not surviving the attack,” the department said in a Facebook post. “Second patient that had been removed from the scene was transported to hospital for treatment.”

Officials said first responders went door to door to let neighbors know not to use outside noise-making equipment until the bees calmed down.

A local beekeeper, Joey Venekamp, was then able to help find the hive and remove it with hand tools and foam.

“Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers during this traumatic and sad day,” read the department’s post. “First responders were faced with the daunting task of patient care and treatment during the attack and remained professional through the event. Prayers again for this family.”