(CNN) – It’s one thing to turn 100 years old, but it’s another thing to do so while breaking a world scuba diving record.

William Ingalls was there to celebrate the accomplishment and big birthday!

Labor Day was a special day at Pearl Lake in South Beloit, not because of the holiday, rather because there was history taking place beneath the surface.

“I said, you know what Bill, you could be the oldest diver in the world, you wanna go for it? And he says yeah, let’s go for it,” said Loves Park Scuba owner Danny Johnson.

At 100 years young, Bill Lambert dove into the record books for the third time since he started scuba diving. That feat is even more impressive considering Lambert didn’t start diving until he was 98.

It’s something that even Lambert’s daughter still struggles to wrap her head around.

“Every step of the way is like, ‘What!?’ He goes yeah, I’m going to go to Cozumel, and I’m like, ‘What!?’ So it’s been pretty insane, and the fact that he’s still doing it and that he’s healthy enough to do it at 100, he is an amazing guy,” said daughter Deb Steinfeld.

Lambert’s diving coach, Danny Johnson of Loves Park Scuba, says that scuba diving is a great exercise for seniors.

“It helps make them feel good. The water is good for us, the exercising in the water is really good for circulation,” he said.

And while Lambert would love for everyone to try scuba diving, he hopes his story inspires people to try new things more often.

“They should try it, and if they like it, pursue it, like anything,” he said.

In the meantime, Lambert’s next pursuit is clear: “Live to 101 and break it again.”

When asked his secret to staying healthy for so long, Lambert said if he knew, he would have sold it already.