(WDTN) – Officials have finally cleared the road after a train derailed in Clark County, sending 27 cars off the tracks. But this event is hardly the most exciting derailment in the US in recent memory, or the most interesting one WDTN.com has covered in the past 5+ years.

Take a trip down memory lane with us and check out these stories from past days.


In Tennesee, about 5,000 residents were forced to evacuate after a train carrying poisonous material derailed and caught fire. Find out how authorities handled the event here.


In June of 2016, an oil train derailed, sending eight cars off the tracks, and catching one on fire. The fumes prompted an Air Quality Alert for the area, and students from a local elementary school were evacuated to the high school. Read what residents had to say here.

That August, In a strange turn of events, a fright train car went off the tracks in Iowa, crashing into a trackside tavern called DeRailed. No one was injured, and officials were amused at the coincidence. Read what caused the derailment here.


2017 was a big year for train crashes, with several going off the rails within months of one another.

A train carrying Ethanol burst into flames in Iowa in March of 2017. A report by the National Transportation Safety Board said the cars involved had been older, less sturdy tanks that the government was working on phasing out of use. You can find details about the incident here.

In early August, approximately 1,000 residents of a small Pennsylvania town spent the night in area hotels following a freight train derailment and fire. You can read more here.

A train in Florida spilled molten sulfur after going off the rails that November, as well as spilling asphalt, soil, and other materials over the tracks. See how the wreck was managed here.

While earlier derailments managed to avoid significant human injury, that was not the case for Seattle’s derailment that winter. At least six people died and over 100 were injured in December of 2017 after a train went off the track, sending 13 cars careening onto the highway below. You can read the story here or find details about the following investigation here.


In February of 2020, a train carrying ethanol derailed in Kentucky and caught fire, forcing nearby residents to evacuate their homes. Click here to read more.