DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Several schools across the state of Indiana received threats early Friday morning.

The Indiana State Police (ISP) says an email was sent to dozens of schools in Indiana, which threatened the use of explosive devices. In the email, police say the explosive devices had already been planted on the campuses of the schools.

School officials and professionals, including the Department of Education and authorities at the local, state and federal levels were contacted to immediately investigate and be informed regarding the potential threats to the different educational facilities.

ISP says no suspicious or explosive devices have been found at any of the schools.

In coordination with the school districts and law enforcement, Indiana State Troopers are in contact with the schools for any assistance and resources the schools may need, according to a release.

“The safety of our children will always be a top priority, the Indiana State Police will continue to offer any and all resources we have to schools to ensure safety for our students,” ISP Superintendent Doug Carter said.

The investigation regarding the origination of the threat is still ongoing.