Every time you like, comment, and share anything on Facebook, you’re creating valuable data. So, what if you could get paid for it? 

Blockchain-based social networks like Steemit and PermissionIO are already doing that. 

“We can see the world’s billions of people find opportunity online to earn and make a living in ways that they aren’t able to today,” said Steemit CEO, Ned Scott.

Scott says his platform has distributed $40 million dollars worth of digital currency since 2016.

The company says it does not sell any user data, meaning users are able to earn tokens in exchange for content. That keeps control of personal data in the hands of the users themselves. 

“PermissionIO” pays users to watch ads. 

CEO Charles Silver says his platform doesn’t sell data to marketers or advertisers. Instead, users interact with those advertisers directly.

“Your data has tremendous value,” Silver said. “A user will choose what they want to watch, based on how personal and relevant it is. Combined with how much an advertiser is willing to pay for them to watch.”

Both pay you in the form of cryptocurrency, which you can cash out in dollars. When you use centralized sites like Facebook, they collect and control your personal information. But these tech companies operate on an opposite model. 

In a decentralized network, there’s no central authority that can manipulate or prevent the distribution of content.

“If you are willing to put your data forward you should be able to bring that into a marketplace where you can be rewarded,” Scott said.

Facebook is also eyeing the digital currency space. Earlier this year, Facebook announced a small group of employees to explore blockchain technology and how best to implement it within the company’s ecosystem.