GRANVILLE, Ohio (WCMH)–Christmas tree sales during the 2020 season were about the same. According to the National Christmas Tree Association, that was due to the inventory. What changed was the age and location of the buyers.

Nearly 40% of the real Christmas tree buyers in 2020 were people who live in the city. That was an increase of 8% compared with 2019. The buyers were also younger, dropping from 42 years old to 38. Also, instead of cutting the tree at a farm, or stopping at a corner market, buyers turned to the internet to buy their tree.

That information has Timbuk Christmas Tree Farm preparing to attract tree buyers to come out to their farm. From Santa’s Sleigh, climbing giant haystacks, to drinking hot chocolate and finding the perfect tree, visitors can find the Photo Fun Park. Jim Gibson explained the farm placed the finishing touches on all of the attractions to be ready on Black Friday.

“We’re fortunate to have a nice farm. We work hard to make it traditional. We try not to change a lot of things,” said Christmas Tree Farmer Jim Gibson.

Of the 300 acres, half of the farm is growing Christmas trees. It takes six to eight years to grow from seedling to become O Tannenbaum.

“We do shearing once a year. A tree is naturally more airy than this,” Gibson said as he brushed his hand through a Canaan Fir. “We feed heavily so we get a nice angle on it. These branches will get light in them and point up which is great to hang your ornaments.”

Gibson grows seven different types of trees on the property. The colors range from blue, green, and of course the snow fresh white ones.

“No it’s not a hybrid,” Gibson said while smiling. “We use a very safe paint. It holds in the house really well. So the paint is very safe. Your dog could eat the paint.”

Timbuk Farms Available Christmas Trees

You’ll need two things to harvest your tree: a saw and a sled. The saw, obviously to cut your tree down, and the sled is to drag it back to the barn. That way you won’t have to fight the needles while you bring the tree back.

“Coming to Timbuk is all about a day on the farm. We just added some props so people can get their family pictures or Christmas pictures,” Gibson said.

International pickup truck on Timbuk Farms (Photo by Tony Mirones/

Among the attractions, an old international pickup truck and the engine still purrs like a thing of beauty. He even has an operating miniature train imported from Denmark, except the little engine won’t be operating. These novelty items are to have family photos taken together.

They sit in a 2.5-acre lot for the kids to have a place to run and let loose some of their excitement.

“We’re trying to spread out the exhibits for social distancing and trying to be safe with the COVID-19,” said Gibson.

GRANVILLE, Ohio–Jim Gibson primes the motor on the classic train imported from Denmark, Holland. The train will not be operational this year and is a part of the Fun Photo area. (Photo by Tony Mirones/

The farm has nearly everything you could want to decorate for the season. Nothing goes to waste here. Limbs from the trees are used for wreaths, garland, and planters decorated to display for the holiday.

Gibson and his wife bought the farm 20 years ago for the greenhouse operation. Right now, he has 80,000 poinsettias ready to go out to stores throughout the region. The farm is already growing flowers and vegetables to distribute regionally at box stores and nurseries.

“We quickly fell in love with the farm and growing good trees. When you have a beautiful tree like this that took seven to eight years to grow, and the families can come out and enjoy and spend the day on the farm and come out and cut a tree down and have it in their house for a month or five weeks, its fun.”

Timbuk Christmas Tree Farm opens at 9 a.m. on Black Friday.