(NBC) – What would you do if you were stuck in one place and every day was exactly the same? This is reality for the vast majority of Americans struggling with what to do with this “forced pause” on our daily lives.

“It is important right now to elevate this new normal,” said budget travel and lifestyle expert Lindsay Myers.

She encourages Americans to get out of those pjs and get dressed.

“Anything to change it up mentally to get out of this same routine thing we are doing all the time.”

Dig deep into that creative gene, connect, and be present in that moment.

“It’s a really good time to reflect and rethink ‘how are we going to move forward,’” said Lisette Calveiro, digital strategist and influencer.

Calveiro says taking a break is crucial, and offers a chance to “rediscover your why.”

“A change of work is stressful for anyone – whether it’s from home or a different schedule – ask yourself am I happy with what I am doing — am I ready to put in the extra effort.”

Time to reflect is one advantage during these uncertain times.

“You realize that maybe what you’re doing day to day is not what you are passionate; find ways to do that within your current job and you can use this time during the virus to do that,” Calveiro said.

Home can now be redefined.

“It’s a space that feels safe for us, we can reconnect with our families, with ourselves and we need to really be grateful for that.”

Gratitude can move all of us in the right direction.