DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Calling all pizza fans! A newly-posted position with a large pay amount could be calling your name.

The pizza delivery app, “Slice,” just posted a dream job for a pizza lover. The company is on the hunt for someone who wants to make money while enjoying social media and the delicious Italian dish.

According to the company, the position would be a “Pizza Influencer,” which would be the face of the company on Instagram and TikTok. It is said that the role would require the content-creator to interview owners of pizzerias, food influencers and showcase local pizzerias.

If you are wondering how much dough you could make, the full time gig is expected to pay between $85,000 to 110,000 per year. Extra toppings come along with the successful order of the position, like a daily pizza stipend, flexible paid time off and insurance.

Interested applicants who want to bring home the dough and try their shot at the position can apply here.