ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (WKRG) — Good help is hard to find, especially for jobs not a lot of people want to do. Orange Beach will help fill the gap by using inmate labor.

“The biggest thing for us is dealing with the right of ways, grass cutting and picking up trash and cleaning ditches and culverts and all those things that public works does,” says Orange Beach city administrator Ken Grimes.

The city of Orange Beach believes they have found a solution now using Loxley Work Release Center inmates to fill those positions.

“These are not hardened criminals or anyone that is dangerous they are basically working off mistakes they have made,” says Grimes.

According to the agreement the city council approved Tuesday evening, inmates will be paid $15 a day. The Alabama Department of Corrections will be responsible for getting inmates to and from the city for an additional $5 per person and inmates will not be dressed in prison uniforms.

“The main thing that we worked out is they will wear the same uniform that our folks wear, plus an orange safety vest, but they will always be with a crew.”

The work release inmates will not be around children, tourist areas, or at the beach according to Grimes. But they will be busy.

“I think we are going to try to use them as much as we can,” he says.