The Man of Steel is turning 80, and he hasn’t slowed down one bit.

Superman made his comic book debut back in 1938, making him the first real comic book superhero. An original copy of ‘Action Comics #1’ could be worth millions today.

Benjamin LeClair is DC Comics’ archivist, and he oversees more than 80,000 rare comics in the company’s vault.

“There wouldn’t be a comic book industry as we known it in America if not for this breakthrough character,” LeClair told NBC News. “So he didn’t just build this house: He built comic books all over the world.”

Publisher Jim Lee was one of the creators behind the cover for the 1,000th issue of ‘Action Comics,’ featuring the iconic superhero on the cover.

“Having a character that is unapologetically that virtuous and unapologetically a champion of truth and justice I think is something that is very bold and refreshing, especially in today’s day and age,” Lee told NBC News.

Although Superman — and his alias, Clark Kent — has evolved over the years, he is beloved by generations of “everyday” superheroes.

“His secret power really is to elevate those around him,” Lee said. “He makes people around him better.”

The 1,000th issue of ‘Action Comics’ is out this Wednesday.