(NBC) – The travel industry is anticipating a banner year of people packing their bags and heading off to those bucket-list destinations this year.

“Consumer confidence and traveler confidence are very high right now,” said travel expert Jeanenne Tornatore.

Bolstered by low gas prices, the economy is strong and getting stronger so travel advisors are advising you better start planning now.

“Booking 4 to 6 months in advance is really advantageous as a traveler, especially when you’re going to one of these big bucket-list destinations,” Tornatore said.

European hot spots like London, Paris, Rome and domestic destinations like San Francisco and Alaska will play host to huge crowds of first-time visitors this year.

A cruise may be the easiest way to get there.

“It takes all of the logistics out of it for you,” Tornatore said. “Not having to think about currencies and languages and multiple hotels and transportation.”

Even if you’re wanting a national park stay this summer, she says lodge and campsite reservations are already filling up fast.