Honey Crisp, Gala, Macintosh, Courtland, and Johnathan are among the list of apples ready to be picked Labor Day Weekend at Monnin’s Fruit Farm.

The owner Glenn Monin said he was worried this would be the second year without any apples at the orchard.

“The late April snow scared us to death,” Monnin said, “but the snow actually worked as an insulation for the buds so it actually saved us.”

A freeze late in May of 2020 wiped out Monnin’s fruit.

“Last year we got froze out completely and that included our strawberry crop, raspberries, apples, peaches, everything,” Monnin said. “Now this year we actually had plums for the first time in six years. This year we’ve got everything.”

About a month after the snow, the Brood X Cicadas emerged.

“You can see a little bit of damage on some of the trees, but overall, they’re fine,” Monnin said.

Recently they battled the eight-day heat wave.

“The heat put an early end to peach season and now we’re ready to move on to apples,” Monnin said.

Anyone can drive out to the Butler Township orchard to pick their own apples starting Saturday.

“It just brings a lot of happiness to our customers because they love to come and pick,” Monnin said. “The kids love to come out and pick and learn where the produce comes from, and they get to come out and have a good time.”

Monnin suggests looking for the apples with the best color, however this year the heat did ripen some of the apples early.

“Not all the apples have excellent color like this one does, but they’re still ready and able to pick anytime,” Monnin said.

Apples like Granny Smith and Winesaps are not quite ready yet. Monnin said there will be a map available to help customers find the best apples and they will use caution tape to mark off the varieties that aren’t quite ready to the picked.

“Some varieties we’ll have a lot of and some varieties we’ll have a few of, but they’ll be an overall good selection,” Monnin said.