UNION, Ohio (WDTN) – Procter and Gamble’s distribution center in Union will bring more than 1,000 jobs to the area, but with those jobs, come hundreds of semi trucks a day.

For some residents, those semis are not a welcomed sight.

Ben Jones is a 43-year resident of Butler Township.  He says the sound of rumbling trucks is not music to his ears.

“When you move out to a Township, you’re obviously looking for some quiet,” said Jones.

He says the peace and quiet he once knew went away when surrounding plots of land were annexed to the City of Union.

Now, P&G’s Distribution Center, one of those annexed portions of land, brings traffic to an area that doesn’t typically see much.

“This morning already, there have been three semi trucks come down Frederick Road which Mister Applegate over at the City of Union promised us there would be no semi-trucks come down Frederic Road.”

Union City Manager John Applegate says semi trucks should be taking a different route, but when we spoke with homeowners, they say semis are taking a route that leads right through residential areas.

2 NEWS asked what’s being done about the issue.  “We’ve been closely working with P&G and we’ve been monitoring it since it has been opened since February 3rd to receive goods,” said Applegate.

He says he is aware of trucks rolling through on Frederic Pike.  “We’ve put up signs, we’ve made a commitment to residents in the area that trucks would enter and leave a certain way.”

According to Jones, trucks are taking Old Springfield Road and making a left down Frederic Pike.

After 2 NEWS waited one morning for an hour, we didn’t see trucks on Old Springfield, but we did notice a semi taking the correct route.

Applegate says they’re working with police to ensure the problem comes to a halt.

“We’ve issued warnings for the first time. We’ve kept a record and if they’re stopped again, they will be ticketed.”

He’s hoping truckers will make the right turn.