TROY, Ohio (WDTN) — The demolition of a historic building in downtown Troy has been put on hold after a judge’s ruling this week.

The Tavern building on West Main Street was built in 1841 and was damaged by a tornado in 2020.

The City of Troy approved a plan to demolish the building last year, but on Monday, a judge ruled that the city failed to follow the zoning code in approving the demolition, putting it on hold.

A local group, the Troy Historic Preservation Alliance, is hoping that the city will explore other options.

“Troy-Miami County Public Library actually made an offer on the building last year, and the building owner did not even entertain or respond to the offer,” Alliance member Chris Manning said.

“At this point, we’re just searching for a win-win solution for the community, the city and the building owner, as long as we can keep this building standing.”

The Tavern building served as the Miami County Courthouse from 1841 to 1888 and an important stopping point for freed slaves after the Civil War.