DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Trotwood voters narrowly approved the city’s road levy on Tuesday after it previously failed in May. City Staff says one road that will get immediate attentions is Seybold Road after getting numerous complaints from residents of potholes and deteriorating residential streets.

“Every neighborhood is going to get some love and spread things out so everyone can understand the impact their tax dollars are having,” said Trotwood Deputy City Manager Stephanie Kellum. 

Over the next several years, millions of dollars will be funneled into Trotwood roads after their road levy passed on Tuesday. Now, the income tax will increase from 2.25% to 2.75% and help generate an extra $1 million annually over the next five years. The income tax levy will only apply to people who work within city limits, not Trotwood residents. Deputy City Manager sSephanie Kellum says she felt defeated in May when the levy failed the first time, but now the city’s future is bright.

“If they had not passed it, we would’ve continued to address the needs as best we can with the budget we had, but because they do understand the needs we can address more roads sooner,” said Kellum.

Trotwood city says 68% of their roads are rated either poor or fair due to decades of deferred maintenance. Kellum says in 1995, Totwood merged with Madison Township and increased the city’s growth drastically. However, the recommended mileage to support the growth was not passed, leaving the city to fund road projects.

“It’s years of deferred maintenance so now we are doing all we can to tackle it, so like I said right now, it’s having the courage to ask for what’s needed,” said Kellum.

Collection of the additional income tax would begin in 2023 and then the new paving program will begin in 2024.