DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – In a bid to continue the fight against the the opioid crisis, experts are in town training people on how to educate others about the problem.

The initiative is called Train the Trainer. It’s all part of the federal Drug Enforcement Agency’s D-E-A 3-60 program that launched in Dayton, this summer.

The training lays out the basics about opioids and explains how we got to the crisis we’re at today.

It also gives information on what communities and individuals can do to fight the problem: like prescription drug monitoring and Narcan programs.

Trainers will also give information on how families can talk to their loved ones and their kids about addiction.

The training is geared towards those willing to give presentations about the subject, like law enforcement or treatment and prevention centers.

Kevin Collins of Partnership for Drug Free Kids is leading the training.

“What we want really want to accomplish is increasing knowledge – not only of the problem of also of potential solutions,” Collins said.

“If you have someone in the community who may not be aware of naloxone, or may not be aware of the Good Samaritan law, or may not be aware of resources that exist in their community, we’re at a disadvantage. Knowledge really is power.”