DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Another year in the books and our WDTN 2 NEWS team has been working for you the entire time.

Here’s a list of the top viewed articles from in the year of 2022:

Local News

  • Hundreds of Ohio National Guard members deploy from Dayton: click here
  • ‘We were that million to one shot’: Carroll High School teacher recalls seeing Queen Elizabeth on school trip: click here
  • Moment of prayer held for two Preble Shawnee students killed; family releases statement: click here
  • WATCH: Former President Trump speaks at Dayton rally: click here
  • Dave Chappelle helps shut down Ohio affordable housing development: ‘I am not bluffing’: click here
  • Lawmakers, law enforcement react to Ohio conceal carry law: click here
  • Meteorologist Jamie Jarosik gives update after latest surgery: click here
  • Kettering woman celebrates 100th birthday: click here
  • Ohio family says the FASTER Act will create a better life for their son: click here
  • ‘Blue Smoke Blaire’: Yellow Springs woman making a big name in BBQ: click here
  • Dayton ranked top 5 deadliest city in US: report: click here

Ohio News

  • Changes made to SNAP income limits in Ohio: click here
  • Most mispronounced names in Ohio and how to say them: click here
  • Honda requests cash from employees after overpaid bonuses: click here
  • 84-year-old declared wrongfully imprisoned after 46 years in prison: click here
  • Ohio woman stuck in Mexico has a warning for travelers: click here
  • What Biden’s federal marijuana pardon means for Ohio: click here
  • 8-year-old’s lemonade stand shut down outside Ohio festival: click here
  • 3 Ohio cities ranked in the 50 ‘Rattiest Cities’ in the US, according to Orkin: click here
  • $389,671 in missing money returned at Ohio State Fair: click here
  • List: ‘FKB1DN’ among hundreds of Ohio vanity license plates rejected in 2021: click here
  • Betty White’s 100th birthday: Ohio town recalls her brief, stormy time there: click here

U.S. News

  • One-of-a-kind coincidence during Denver twins’ birth leaves eyebrows pleasantly raised: click here
  • Shelter dog parties overnight after escaping kennel: click here
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon apologizes for crude, controversial Twitter post: click here
  • Taco Bell of the future: New restaurant opens with 4-lane drive-thru system: click here
  • Woman ‘steals’ top-prize lottery ticket at white elephant party: click here
  • Fans demand refunds following Garth Brooks concert: click here
  • Woman gives birth at McDonald’s, and her baby girl is fittingly nicknamed: click here
  • Things in the 80s that are unacceptable in today’s society: click here
  • IRS is refunding $1.2 billion – who qualifies and when payments will happen: click here


  • La Niña winter now 75% likely: What it means in Ohio: click here
  • When will we see our first snow in Dayton?: click here
  • PHOTOS: Severe weather, tornadoes hit Miami Valley: click here
  • Mysterious debris falls from Ohio sky: click here
  • What does daylight saving time mean for Ohio?: click here
  • La Niña: An active winter could hit Ohio this year: click here
  • When will we see our first snow in Dayton?: click here
  • Rocket crash Saturday; will it land in Ohio?: click here
  • What are the chances of a white Christmas in the Miami Valley?: click here
  • Meijer Distribution Center in Tipp City damaged: click here


  • ‘Feels like home’: Ron Harper Jr. excited to play in front of family in Dayton: click here
  • Bree Hall wins NCAA championship in first year with South Carolina: click here
  • Browns kick off for one of coldest home games ever: click here
  • The hottest team in pro baseball is the Dayton Dragons: click here
  • No. 1 recruit of 2024 class decommits from Ohio State, per multiple reports: click here
  • What happens to the losing team’s merchandise after the Super Bowl?: click here
  • Centerville basketball player named Ohio’s ‘Mr. Basketball’: click here
  • Ohio State, Iowa bands play combined Elton John halftime show: click here
  • Waynesville blanks Summit for 2nd-straight reg. title: click here
  • The local HS coach who beat Burrow: click here
  • Joey Votto to rehab with Dayton Dragons: click here
  • Local sports radio host Mark Schlemmer dies: click here
  • Bengals announce new name for Paul Brown Stadium: click here


  • Dayton girl wins big on America’s Funniest Home Videos: click here
  • What movies were filmed in Ohio? Here’s a list: click here
  • Calling all actors: Marvel movie filming in Ohio: click here
  • ‘KISS Army’ takes over Ohio for one last ride: click here
  • ‘Shirley’: Netflix production underway in Dayton: click here
  • X-Rated Halloween display in Ohio neighborhood: click here
  • Wahlburgers restaurant coming to Dayton: click here
  • West Carrollton resident creates ‘Stranger Things’ yard display: click here
  • Fans of Dave Matthews Band ‘crash’ into Dayton: click here
  • Robert De Niro movie shoot caused temporary US-35 closure in Xenia: click here
  • 2 Academy Award-eligible films for 2023 shot in Ohio: click here


  • Missing NY cat returns home, rings owner’s doorbell: ‘We all gasped’: click here
  • Left for dead: Shelter takes in three dogs found caged in the woods: click here
  • Hammerhead worms spotted in Ohio: click here
  • Unique animal spotted near Ohio park: click here
  • Suitcase ‘moving’ along North Carolina highway leads to animal rescue: click here
  • Dog tied to fire hydrant with note, backpack in Wisconsin: click here
  • Cute siblings: Baby hippo Fritz teases Fiona at Cincinnati Zoo: click here
  • Fritz and Fiona play in the Hippo Cove: click here
  • Fritz the hippo explores the outdoor habitat for the first time: click here
  • Fritz and Fiona meet for the first time: click here

Real Estate

  • HGTV couple shows Dayton house to 1.9+ million followers: click here
  • ‘Friends’ themed house sold in Dayton: click here
  • List: Most expensive homes for sale in Dayton: click here
  • What a $200K home looks like in Dayton: click here
  • What a $500K home looks like in Montgomery County: click here
  • What a million-dollar home looks like in Dayton: click here
  • Massive Ohio home features monochrome retreat: click here
  • ‘Great opportunity’: The 10 cheapest homes in Dayton: click here
  • FOR SALE: ‘Basement house’ Zillow listing goes viral: click here
  • ‘Do not buy that house before talking to me,’ sign in Virginia reads: click here
  • Look inside: $4.2 million newly built home in Ohio: click here


  • Highest paying jobs that require a 2 year degree in Dayton: click here
  • Highest-paying jobs in Dayton that don’t require a college degree: click here
  • Best school districts in Ohio: click here
  • Highest-rated restaurants in Dayton, according to Tripadvisor: click here
  • Highest-rated steakhouses in Dayton, according to Tripadvisor: click here
  • Highest-rated pizza restaurants in Dayton: click here
  • Highest-rated things to do in Dayton, according to Tripadvisor: click here
  • Counties with the highest rate of food insecure children in Ohio: click here
  • Best counties to retire in Ohio: click here
  • Highest-rated cheap eats in Dayton, according to Tripadvisor: click here

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