LOS ANGELES (Nexstar) — Gregory Eaton, Don Crisman and Tom Henschel call themselves members in the Never Miss a Super Bowl Club. They have attended every single one of the 56 Super Bowls, including the first one that was played where this year’s is — Los Angeles.

(L-R) Don Crisman, Tom Henschel, Gregory Eaton are the last 3 member of the Never Miss a Super Bowl Club, February 12, 2022 (Nexstar)

“Us three are the only ones left that bought our own tickets and are fans,” Eaton said this week. “We’re not reporters. We love the game of football and it’s in our blood and we want to be there to see it.”

For them, this week every year is about much more than watching their favorite sport play its biggest game.

“It’s like a class reunion. We remember different things about different games,” Crisman said. “We don’t get enough time together.”

And literally nothing gets in the way of that reunion.

“Everyone knows in my family don’t die around the time of the Super Bowl because Gregory won’t be there,” Eaton said. “Plan the funeral some other time.”

All of them are in their 80s and they have all seen a lot of change since Super Bowl I (when Green Bay beat Kansas City, 35-10.)

Super Bowl tickets have dramatically increased in cost since the first one (Nexstar)

The biggest difference, they said, is the price of the tickets. “The first three were $12, the next five were $15-15-15,” Henschel said. This year they paid $2500 per ticket.

Their club has dwindled in recent years.

“Unfortunately 3 members are under they earth. They’ve passed on. You’ve gotta be old to be in this club,” Crisman said.

They toast to the ones they’ve lost and keep the reunion and party going with no plans of stopping.

“I’m going to go for 60,” Henschel said, but Eaton said, “I go one year at a time.”

“Getting with these guys today has changed my mind,” Crisman said. “I was going to give up now and now I’ve got to do it again.”

So who do they think will win? Crisman and Henschel are pulling for the underdog Bengals. But Eaton, who is from Michigan, is rooting for Matthew Stafford and the Rams.