(WLWT) — Four hours of searching for a missing boy on Saturday ended tragically with the discovery of his body in the Ohio River.

It wasn’t the first time Ian Sousis had wandered off the grounds of the Northern Kentucky Children’s home.

Covington Police said the 9-year-old had walked away in the past and had been located in the area where fast food outlets were clustered just below Devou Park.

This time the search did not end with relief.

The child was found floating in the Ohio River near the Villa Hills Marina.

Boaters spotted a body in the water around 1:45 in the afternoon and once it was recovered, Covington Police confirmed the identity.

Autistic, thin, around 4-feet, 2-inches, the boy had – as one could tell from the picture police provided for the search – one of those engaging little kid smiles.

Villa Hills police were handling all questions about the investigation Saturday night, since the boy’s body was found in their jurisdiction.

So far, they were not commenting or answering questions about how he ended up in the river and exactly where or when he was last seen at the Children’s Home, or what path or route he followed while police and firefighters searched Devou Park and other areas.

Those are questions for which they may not find answers.

“The one call you don’t want to get,” said one of the officers about the way this ended.

The official cause of death will come from the coroner while police handle the rest of the investigation.