TIPP CITY, Ohio (WDTN) – According to the U.S. census, only about 6 percent of couples make it more than 50 years. But one local couple in the Miami Valley is celebrating their 70th anniversary today.

It’s a love for the ages, and one filled with memories. On Wednesday, January 19, Joe and Carmey Terrian of Tipp City celebrated 70 years and took us all back to where it started.

“We went to a party at a neighborhood guy that was a friend of Joe’s, and – ” Carmey began.

Joe interjected, “And that cute thing walked in and sat over there, and I kept looking at her.”

It wouldn’t be long until they’d marry surrounded by a small group of family and friends. The rush to the honeymoon was pretty quick too.

“As soon as we got married, we headed for Alaska,” Carmey said.

Joe mentioned, “It got pretty cold there at night.”

Fortunately for them, they were prepared for a honeymoon to one of the coldest states – even in the middle of January.

“Her dad wanted to know if I liked soup because that’s all she’d make,” Joe laughed, “Open the can.”

They have had four kids, 10 grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren and many moments captured through photographs over the course of their 70 years together.

They have also had many adventures worldwide. Joe and Carmey excitedly talked about the places they visited while serving together in the Air Force.

“North Africa, Germany, Florida,” Carmey began listing them off before Joe continued, “Oklahoma, Tinker.”

 “There are so many!” she said. “We went every which way.”

This adds up to thousands of miles traveled and many years of growing together.

“I thought we lucked out,” Carmey said.

“She’s a great lady,” Joe said with a smile.

They say part of the secret to a long, happy marriage is patience.

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