DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A local family’s cat has become a viral sensation due to its physical deformity.

Carol Waugh says the family cat, “Keebo,” was born with radial aplasia and radial hyper aplasia. In simple terms, she’s missing a bone in each forearm which limits her ability to walk on all fours.

“She hops really high, jumps, walks on her back feet, like a little T-Rex cat,” said Waugh.

Waugh, also known as “Grammy” online, rescued Keebo from a shelter in Shelby County. She began making videos of Keebo shortly after adopting her.

“I’m disabled. I started off just filming her because I couldn’t do anything else. I was stuck on my couch recovering from surgery after surgery. She kind of just rescued me. Everybody that met her said I love your cat she’s so adorable, can I take her home with me? I thought if she touches so many people’s lives, let’s get her out on social media and spread that,” said Waugh.

Keebo’s very own Facebook page started out with just a few followers made up of family and a couple of friends. The page has now surpassed 300,000 followers. Keebo even placed 2nd in America’s Favorite Pet online contest.

Despite the online fame, Waugh says the focus remains on finding homes for pets with special needs. She’s recently teamed up with Our Farm Sanctuary in Tipp City to continue advocating the importance of adopting animals with special needs.