DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Two sisters who were badly burned in a boat fire when they were very young are both working hard as adults to help the hospital that saved their lives.

Five words summarize the day that changed Amy O’Connor’s life forever.

“That’s when our world changed,” Amy said.

In July of 1971, sisters Lacy and Amy were boating on the Ohio River with their family. Just after filling up with fuel, the boat exploded.

“My father got my mother out of the boat. My grandfather found me and he pulled me out from where I was back behind the engine and of course, I wouldn’t leave him,” Amy said. “I was three and I would not let go of him.”

They thought everyone was accounted for: Burned, but alive. But then, they made a heart-wrenching discovery: Baby Lacy was below the deck of the burning boat.

“My dad swam back,” Lacy explained. “And it was a bit of a miracle that he was able to get back on the boat and get me.”

Finally, everyone was on the shore. Both girls were critically burned and rushed to a small, rural hospital. They were seen by a doctor who had done his residency at Shriner’s.

“He called them, and he said, well, ‘We’ve got these two burnt babies.’ And that’s how the Shriners relationship started. And they ended up saving our lives,” Lacy said.

Now, 50 years later, both Amy and Lacy are working hard to give back to Shriners Children’s.  Amy works for the famed Rookwood Pottery in Cincinnati and helped spearhead a special ornament you can buy for Shriners.

We made a piece for them that, with the purchase of that piece, they get a percentage of the profit that will forever go to Shriners,” Amy explained.

For Lacy, things have come full circle. She and her husband are two of the owners of ServiceMaster by Angler. It is a company that does fire restoration, among other things.

Now, a huge part of their mission is fundraising for and donating to Shriners Children’s Hospital.

“We’re just excited we can partner with Shriners and give back to the Dayton community,” Lacy said.

These sisters are giving back to a hospital that gave them a second chance at life.