KETTERING, Ohio (WDTN) — An iconic theater in Kettering is in need of some upgrades and the city’s park foundation has come up with a plan.

It’s called the “Name A Seat Campaign,” and it’s a fun way to fund the renovations.

“One of the people had the idea that we could have donations for seats and you would get a name plaque with your $350 donation for your seat,” said Tracy McElfresh, Kettering Parks Foundation volunteer. “You wouldn’t own your seat, but your name or your organization, your business, could be on that seat.”

For decades, the Rosewood Theater in Kettering has been a staple for the arts community. The Kettering children’s theater program is the longest-standing children’s theater program in the region and the new space would provide an opportunity to expand programming.

The renovation plans include improved sound, lighting, stage and much more.

Volunteers say the community has always extended a helping hand to strengthen the arts.

“I’m so proud to say that Kettering supports the arts. We have a lot of great amenities in Kettering and people see that and they want to help support,” said McElfresh.

Volunteers are working towards getting funding for the renovation and say the “Name A Seat Campaign” will have a huge impact on that effort.

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