CENTERVILLE, Ohio (WDTN) — If you head to the Little Free Libraries at several parks in the Centerville Washington Park District, you’ll find them fully stocked with a fresh batch of new and gently used books.

A local MOMS Club is responsible for those donations.

It’s just one way the members of the MOMS Club of Centerville are both creating a sense of community and giving back to the community in which they live.

“It’s been great to have a community even if it was online for the first part,” MOMS Club of Centerville founder and president, Nina Weierman, said. “To be able to have a community that supports you during that time.”

Weierman started the club in December of 2019, right before COVID became a household word that would change our lives.

She says she was looking for a way to meet friends shortly after moving to Centerville.

Then the pandemic hit, leaving a lot of moms isolated.

“We have no family or anything here,” member Rebecca Molineaux said. “Everybody’s on the east coast. So we were really looking for a little community to get to know some people.”

Throughout the pandemic– and as things returned to normal– the club continued to grow.

They have multiple events every week, and membership is now 30 moms strong. They focus not only on supporting each other but also on serving the community.

“Every single month we try to do a service project that benefits mothers and children in the community in some way,” Weierman said.

In June they collected books and restocked the little free libraries at three Centerville Washington parks: Iron Horse, Forest Field, and Yankee Park.

“They have a huge impact for us,” said Ginger Clark, community engagement director for the Centerville Washington Park District. “We rely on volunteer groups like the MOMS group to help us fill in the gaps.”

And while the moms are giving back, the kids are helping, too. It helps teach them why service is so important.

“They learn by seeing and doing,” said member Amy Bolus. “So they see the things that we do and start to understand what it means to be a part of the community… to give back to the community. Even in a simple way like donating books.”

If you’re a mom looking to make some new friends, the MOMS Club of Centerville is accepting new members. You can email for more information on how to join.

If you’d like to find out ways that you, your family, or an organization you belong to can help out our local parks, head to the Centerville Washington Park District website ( or email Ginger Clark at