DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – For over two years, frontline workers have been pushed to the limits with many of them leaning on one another for support. Hospital staff in Mayfield, Kentucky continue treating those affected by those deadly tornadoes on top of a global pandemic. Staff at Kettering Health are sending support through simple messages of hope on a large banner and letting their brothers and sisters in the healthcare field know they’re not alone.

“The principal behind it is really the issue of being sad and going through trauma. But the worst is to go through it alone. The banner is saying you’re not alone. It’s an opportunity to say we’re behind you,” said Elliot Smith, the lead chaplain at Kettering Health main campus.

Over 150 handwritten notes stretch across a banner from staff from all different areas of the hospital to send to workers in Mayfield.

“I think many times, especially in the hospital situation you can feel isolated and the feeling of no one knows what we’re going through. I think to feel like you are understood especially by other medical care providers, they empathize and that can give you encouragement.” said Smith.

Hospital staff in the Miami Valley received a similar gesture following the 2019 Memorial Day tornadoes and the shooting in the Oregon District. Smith said Kettering Health plans to send a banner to a hospital affected by the Colorado wildfires.