DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Volunteers of an international non-profit organization based out of Poland are now making their way through the United States to have a greater impact.

The Centaurus Foundation is focused on rescuing animals from dire situations. The non-profit is the largest horse sanctuary in Europe, though it has expanded its operations to helping dogs and cats get out of tough situations, including those caught in the middle of a war. The organization rescued thousands of animals from Ukraine.

“When the Ukraine war started there was a dog shelter in Borodyanka where a lady abandoned 487 dogs to die. There were there five weeks without any food or water,” said Heidi Davis, a local woman and treasurer of Centaurus Foundation.

Davis says she couldn’t sit on the sidelines without taking action. While trying to do her part from afar here in the Miami Valley, she connected with The Centaurus Foundation and is now helping the organization get established in America.

Volunteers with The Centaurus Foundation are traveling to Washington to continue its mission of fighting for animal rights.

“The more groups we can get involved in rescues, sponsors or anything that would help Centaurus’ cause grow here in the states and in Poland,” said Davis.

If you would like to learn more about The Centaurus Foundation and support the organization’s cause, click here.