MIAMI VALLEY, Ohio (WDTN) — A nonprofit is getting national attention for helping the elderly mow their lawns and its founder is now looking for volunteers in the Miami Valley to join the movement.

Brian Schwartz started I Want To Mow Your Lawn shortly after losing his job at the start of the pandemic.

“It was just a stressful time and I just went out to mow my own lawn and then decided to help neighbors just to keep myself busy while helping others,” said Schwartz.

As word got around for those needing help, Schwartz set up a website to recruit volunteers.

“Other people who might have been laid off or furloughed reached out and offered to help,” said Schwartz.

The organization currently has over 230 volunteers, spanning 39 states, and Schwartz is hoping to spread the mission in the Miami Valley.

“We might hear from someone in a particular area of Ohio and we might not have a volunteer available until two months out, so the more volunteers we have, the better. Whether it’s one time a year or one time a week, it makes a difference. You can let us know the equipment you do have or don’t have,” said Schwartz.

The non-profit is completely funded through donations. Schwartz said the organization simply offers people who need assistance taking care of their lawn an easier way to get connected to those willing to help.

Volunteers can apply for accident insurance coverage when going through the volunteer application here.