FRANKLIN, Ohio (WDTN) — A retired firefighter is breaking records in weightlifting competitions and he’s doing it with only one arm.

“I was a firefighter for the city of Franklin and we had just come back from a fire, I was guiding the truck back into the bay for the driver and it was just a freak accident I got pinned in between the truck and the wall,” said Mike Diehl.

Having lost the use of his arm, doctors made the decision to remove it. Mike was back in the gym just weeks later, and he’s taken his routine to new levels by competing in powerlifting meets and the Strong Man.

“I’ve been traveling the world, winning comps, I’ve never not podiumed. Every comp I’ve ever been to I’ve won a medal,” said Diehl.

The Disabled Strong Man Atlas Stone Lift is just one of the records Diehl currently holds.

Diehl says he hopes his story inspires others to never give up.

“If you’re still breathing it’s not over. If you woke up on the right side of the dirt today you got a chance. I woke up today, that means I got work to do.”

When Diehl isn’t pumping iron in the gym or competing, he works as a teaching assistant for Middletown City Schools. He says wants to be an example and help kids with disabilities gain the confidence needed to overcome any obstacle.