LAURA, Ohio (WDTN) — Every family has Christmas traditions. For one family in Laura, Ohio it’s making other people happy by decking the halls to the extreme.

They’ve done it for 36 years, through health problems and hardships.

If you ask Susan Supinger how it all started, she’s quick to reminisce.

“When I was a child we used to go to Smedley’s on Willock Road and every year we went it was a tradition,” Susan said. “I just thought it was amazing that he did that for people to enjoy.”

That tradition turned into a life goal for Susan.

“The first year that we got married, I bought the first plastic snowman that we got at a yard sale,” Susan recalled. “It just grew and grew and grew.”

And for three decades and through numerous back surgeries, she hasn’t stopped.

“Everybody keeps saying maybe it’s time to quit,” Susan said. “But I’m like nope. I’m not. I’m going to keep going strong. As long as I can do this I’m going to do this.”

Her husband, Craig, is always by her side. They work together to make the display bigger and brighter.

“My wife just wanted to keep expanding it each year and adding stuff to it,” Craig said. “So we just kept adding on and adding on.”

Over the years, others have reached out to the Supingers, to say how the display has become an important part of their holiday traditions.

Their daughter says it’s now part of who her family is.

“It means everything to them for people to come out and enjoy the lights,” Cheyenne said. “And it just makes them really happy when we see lines of cars coming and watching.”

But Susan just wants to share the true meaning of Christmas:

“It’s not about all the lights,” Susan said. “Or the gifts. It’s about Christ and just being around your family and friends. And showing everybody that you care.”

If you’d like to see the Supingers’ display, you’ll just need to make the quick drive to the village of Laura in Miami County. Their display is at the 2100 block of Pemberton Road.

They turn the lights on as soon as it’s dark every evening.