MIAMI VALLEY, Ohio (WDTN) — A mother from the Miami Valley is on a mission to help kids understand themselves on a deeper level by helping them identify their emotions.

To help parents spur a conversation with their kids, Chelsea Elliot developed a card game that helps kids explain how they’re feeling. Elliot is a mental health expert, a mom of two and the creator of EQ Kids Crew!

“I wrote a book for my daughter during the pandemic while I was pregnant with my youngest and it was about fear,” said Elliot.

While working on the follow-up to that book, she had the idea of a card game that would teach children about their emotions. The goal is to give parents a tool to connect with their kids.

“All of the cards have the core emotion on the front showing the child what that looks like. They can talk about how it physically feels in their body, act it out, draw it out with their journal or talk about a time they felt it,” said Elliot.

The card game is becoming a powerful asset for parents across the country. Elliot says her goal is to help families better communicate and change the conversation around different styles of parenting.

“It’s just really hard for people to get out of that mindset of what they grew up with and the old ideas of what children are and who children are. There are a lot of people who have been doing this work of conscious and gently parenting, teaching their kids about feelings and emotions,” said Elliot.

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