DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A home in North Dayton is being demolished to make way for new development opportunities.

A home at 1516 Chapel St. is being demolished as part of the Dayton Recovery Plan which has identified over 1,000 properties for demolition. These properties were chosen for demolition due to the number of nuisances including drugs, dog fighting, credit card theft and dangerous living conditions.

“This property has been a blight on the community both structurally and illegal drug activity,” said Steven Gondol, Deputy Director of Planning.

According to the city, the demolition of these homes will create future development opportunities.

The Dayton Recovery Plan has provided the city with over 15 million dollars over the next three years to use for these types of projects. Leaders of the program are making sure the funds are being used effectively.

Gondol continued, “We’re trying to leverage our program if we can create opportunities either through re-use, landbank or preparing a site for future building, that is our goal.”

In other words, it’s worth the investment to knock down these homes to prepare them for future opportunities. After demolition, these spaces will be primed and re-seeded for new development.