DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A local performance venue is on a mission to help the community discover new and rising musical talent in the Miami Valley.

The Dayton Battle of the Bands is returning to The Brightside Music and Event Venue and organizers are looking to take things to the next level for this year’s friendly competition.

“The goal for us is to shine a light and discover new original Dayton talent. We’re just trying to dig up the new and exciting music that is happening in our community,” said Libby Ballengee, the event’s organizer.

Ballengee said the event is now in its third year, taking a year off because of the pandemic. She said the event is meant to not only expose the community to new music but give local bands a chance to really shine.

“There’s so many emerging bands that especially during COVID did not have the opportunity to play out, so this is an opportunity for them to apply and get on the stage. A lot of times bars which are great opportunities for people to play, they have their set audience for the most part, they have their regulars and that kind of thing, and this is an opportunity to expand to a different audience,” said Ballengee.

In years past winners have had the chance to play the stage at Dayton’s Levitt Pavilion, win prize money and media exposure. The Brightside is also using its space and the friendly competition to allow local music promoters a space to scout fresh talent to give local bands the chance for continued growth and more gigs.

Ballengee said the Dayton Battle of the Bands is an opportunity for bands and fans to step outside comfort zones.

“I think sometimes we feel comforted by cover bands and stuff like that because we’re familiar with it, but I would dare people to listen to some stuff that they haven’t heard before, because I think you’ll be highly surprised by the level of talent we’ve been able to find in our community,” said Ballengee.

The plays offs will run January through February.

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