DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The Gem City Catfé is celebrating its five-year anniversary and has helped find homes for over 1,100 cats.

The local coffee shop located in Saint Anne’s Hill offers customers the opportunity to enjoy premium coffee drinks in an environment surrounded by cats.

“Our ultimate goal is to help the cats. It’s not just come in and play with the cats, it’s come in play with the cats and support an adoption program,” said Sara George, Gem City Catfé’s general manager.

“It’s simple enough to come in and get a cup of coffee and hang out with the cats. We do have an entry fee, it’s $10 that gets you in for an hour. That helps us take care of the cats and keep things moving.

Unfortunately, cats don’t run on coffee, that’s why leaders say they depend on the community’s help to carry out their mission.

“We are always looking for fosters. That is something that is a huge need of ours. We need a place to have the cats go until we have the space here on site to bring them in,” said George.

Interested in fostering a cat, donating to the cafe or visiting? Click here for more information.